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The Truth about Bullying and LD

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National Center for Learning Disabilities

March 27, 2012

LD News for Parents

Dear Kathy,
The impact of bullying can be devastating for any child — especially one with LD. And kids with LD are at greater risk for bullying. In fact, in our recent online poll, nearly 70% of you said you know your child has been bullied, while another 14% suspect your child has been a victim.

The magnitude of this menacing problem has prompted NCLD to launch a Stop Bullying campaign. This newsletter is devoted to the topic of bullying, so read on to get the facts and get fired up. Join us as we stand up against bullying!
The NCLD Team

"The power to hope, to learn, to succeed."

 Bully Campaign

Featured Articles
Bullying is more widespread than ever, and it's especially troublesome for kids with LD. This article offers some disturbing statistics along with proven solutions and insights parents can use. Arm yourself with facts and get ready to act!

Bullying: What's a parent to do?
Preventing bullying — and taking action when it occurs — is everyone's responsibility. Dr. Sheldon Horowitz tells parents how to play an active role, from spotting signs of trouble in their kids to learning about their legal rights. Learn more.


 Bullying: real stories
We asked you — our NCLD community — to tell us about your children's experiences, and we were moved by the stories you submitted. Read some of the powerful stories we received, and share your own thoughts and experiences.

Featured Activities

Watch clips from the new documentary Bully, and hear director Lee Hirsch explain how and why kids with special needs are especially vulnerable to bullying. Watch the video (3 min., 25 sec.)

Bullying — its causes and effects — extend well beyond school. One Parent Leader explains how schools can strengthen their bullying prevention programs by involving parents and community partners.

Safe Schools
This important legislation will create stricter and more uniform policies for dealing with and preventing all forms of bullying. NCLD urges you to contact your member of Congress and voice support for this bill.

Recent Poll Results
During my child's school career:
I am sure that my child has been bullied: 69.9%
I know that my child has not been bullied: 15.7%
I suspect that my child has been bullied: 14.4%

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