Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christ's Birth Music

I don't like what Christmas has become--- a time to celebrate commercialism that makes a Thanksgiving Thursday brown, a Friday black and a Monday cyber--- and expectations of what we will get rather than what we give. I do celebrate why Jesus came but which day is not as important as it is that He did the fullness of time or in KAIROS TIME! So I celebrate and listen to music that celebrates it all year long!!! My daughter used to slump down in the passenger seat of my car when I played the Take 6 "He Is Christmas" CD in July. With that said, I'm sharing this viral share with you all in hopes that you enjoy it, too.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Family Eyes the Right Ingredients

A FAMILY in the Esperance region has found the right ingredient for successful fundraising.
The Kershaw family donated proceeds from their country cookbook toward the purchase of a new piece of ophthalmology diagnostic equipment at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).
The $100,000 cutting-edge Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) equipment recently donated to PMH enables doctors to take non-invasive 3D cross-sectional images of the interior of the eyes, in particularly the retina, producing pictures significantly more precise and accurate compared to those produced by conventional diagnostic equipment.

Brett and Shona Kershaw, from West River, donated $20,000 of proceeds from their cookbook, Lexie's Look and Cook Recipe Book, to the PMH Foundation to go towards purchasing the pioneering equipment, which will assist doctors in diagnosing eye conditions and diseases such as retinoblastoma, the type of eye cancer their daughter, Lexie, was diagnosed with in 2011.
The family was inspired to fundraise for PMH Foundation after Lexie was diagnosed and successfully treated for aggressive retinoblastoma at the hospital, after her parents kept noticing a strange silvery-white appearance in Lexie's right eye pupil in photos.

Catching the cancer before it spread to her optic nerve, Mr and Mrs Kershaw made the decision to have Lexie's right eye removed to prevent the return of the disease.

Mr and Mrs Kershaw said Lexie is now a happy, healthy three-year-old.
The family said their fundraising effort was aimed at raising awareness about retinoblastoma.
"Since the start we knew every single dollar of the proceeds from our cookbook would go towards PMH Foundation and would help raise awareness about retinoblastoma," Mrs Kershaw said.
"We're absolutely delighted to have helped fund the purchase of this particular new ophthalmology equipment, because it's a quicker way of diagnosing children's eye conditions, and for the kids it's non-invasive and a bit of fun, like a giant camera that they peek into.

"More than anything we want to thank all of the people who have supported us and made this possible, who have bought the cook book and helped raise awareness about eye cancer."
"My message to other parents is don't hesitate if you have a fear or something niggling you, even if you feel stupid. Go have it checked."

Mrs Kershaw said her family had been overwhelmed by community support across WA for their fundraising initiative, with Lexie's Look and Cook Recipe Book raising an impressive $43,000 so far.

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Stevie Wonder's House Full of Toys

Since I was in middle school, one of my favorite artists has been Stevie Wonder. What I like about him, besides his music, is his push for the use of technology for the disabled, the visually impaired in particular. Every year he has a concert called "Stevie Wonder's House Full of Toys Concert Benefit" to raise money for toys as well as ask concert-goers to bring toys to the event.
The House Full of Toys Benefit Concert was first launched in 1996 at the House of Blues in Hollywood. The concert benefits the We Are You Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, that helps numerous charitable organizations such as Junior Blind of America, West Angeles Church of God and Christ, Hermosa Beach Officers’ Associations and over 80 agencies. In addition to financial assistance, the foundation provides charitable gifts like toys, computers, talking watches and other electronic aids/devices.

This will be the 7th year in a row Stevie Wonder will host his House Full of Toys Benefit Concert at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE. Previous participants and performers include: Alicia Keys, Angela Winbush, Brian McKnight, Faith Evans, Deborah Cox, Robin Thicke, Tommy Davidson, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many more.

For more information on ticket sales, etc. check this link:

Here's an article about one of the House Full of Toys Concerts in the past (2011):

Friday, October 4, 2013

Genetic Mutation Responsible for Usher's Syndrome Deafness

Visual Impairments Specialist Scotlandville Magnet High School of Excellence

Behind the Making of 'Planet of Snail' Life of a deafblind man'Planet-of-Snail':-Life-of-a-deaf-blind-man
In Australia for the premiere of his film 'Planet of Snail' at the Antenna Documentary Festival in Sydney, director Seung-Jun Yi says South Koreans were not familiar with any public figures with disabilities apart from Helen Keller.
This motivated him to raise the profile of a South Korean man with a disability.
When Seung-Jun first came across deaf-blind man Young-Chan in a newspaper article, he then approached him and his wife Soon-Ho, who has a debilitating spinal condition.
Seung-Jun says the couple were initially reluctant to be filmed for fear of being treated with pity.
“They hate the way most of Korean media dealt with disabled people, because they have sympathy or overcoming hardships,” he explains.
“Most of Korean media focus(es) on those things. “
After Seung-Jun explained to the couple that he would treat them differently, they then saw the potential to raise the profile of deaf-blind people in Korea through the film, which also provided an opportunity to introduce some of their deaf-blind friends.
Seung-Jun says this was particularly important in a country where the deaf-blind community are an unknown demographic, as he says there is no research on deaf -blind people in South Korea.
After a two year process, the result is an empowering film of ability, life and love. The film was released in 2011 and has since won several international awards.
Seung-Jun Yi says he never expected the success of his film as he thought a tale of a deaf-blind man in a far-east province of South Korea was a 'double-niche', a “small story”.
However, he explains the film's success as it deals with universal stories of love and attitudes towards the world, which resonates with international audiences.
“Basically”, he says, “it is about a love story between a couple.”

Visual Impairments Specialist Scotlandville Magnet High School of Excellence

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tips: How to Help Your Child Overcome Stress

With school starting I thought I'd share these stress reducing tips from the National Center for Learning Disabilities:

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National Center for Learning Disabilities

November 19, 2012

LD News

Dear Kathy,
The LD journey is about much more than academics. The stress your child experiences with learning due to dyslexia, dyscalculia, or dysgraphia may also impact your child's social or emotional well-being — and cause problems that affect your home life in addition to your child's school experience. You may have to rethink your approach when emotions (your child's or your own) erupt or melt down.

Read on and learn what signs to watch for and how to tackle social/emotional woes with a support system and strategies to help you stay the course.

The NCLD Team

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at NCLD!

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 Stress: Causes and Symptoms

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Resource List: Self-Esteem
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Video: Dyslexia: A Landmark Case
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A Master's degree candidate describes her frustration and low self-esteem growing up with learning disabilities. Read how she turned the tide by stepping up and advocating for herself.
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