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Fw: Stop Bullying. Make a Difference.

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Subject: Stop Bullying. Make a Difference.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Dear Kathy,
Thirteen million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year. Three million students are absent each month because they feel unsafe in school.
And bullying affects kids with special needs in a significant way: Sixty percent of students with disabilities report being bullied regularly compared with 25 percent of all students.
Bullying is widespread, often goes unnoticed, and can have immediate and long-lasting consequences.
The National Center for Learning Disabilities, along with our Special Needs Taskforce, is excited to partner with The Bully Project to raise awareness of America's bullying crisis—specifically how it affects children with special needs and their families.
Directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker Lee Hirsch, BULLY is a beautifully cinematic, character-driven documentary opening a window into the pained and often endangered lives of children who are bullied, those who engage in bullying behavior, and those who are bystanders, revealing a problem that transcends geographic, racial, ethnic and economic borders.
Watch the documentary's trailer today and learn how you can help fight bullying and ensure that children with special needs are safe from the devastating consequences of bullying.
Play Bullying Preview
In the coming weeks and months, we'll send you more information about how you can step in and step up against bullying.
You can start now by working with us to create schools where everyone feels safe. Make a difference. Support NCLD's efforts against bullying by donating today.
In gratitude,
James Wendorf
James H. Wendorf
NCLD Executive Director
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