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Fw: News from AFT Teachers, February 2012

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AFT endorses Barack Obama for re-election

AFT endorses Obama for re-electionDeclaring that President Obama is the only candidate who will fight to preserve and expand the middle class, close the inequality gap and ensure everyone has a "fair shot" at success, on Feb. 7 the AFT announced its endorsement of President Obama and Vice President Biden for re-election. The AFT executive council voted on the endorsement following months of surveys, meetings, online forums and conversations with thousands of AFT members who made it clear they support the re-election of Obama. "While we have not agreed with every decision President Obama has made," says AFT president Randi Weingarten, "he shares our deep commitment to … ensuring everyone has an opportunity to achieve the American dream."

Fixing the fixation on testing

Randi Weingarten and D.C. students"Teachers don't want to spend valuable time endlessly preparing for 'the test,'" AFT president Randi Weingarten writes in her most recent New York Times column. "They want to guide their students to ask insightful questions, offer well-reasoned opinions, and work diligently until they master content. Those are the types of classroom experiences that unleash students' ingenuity and reveal their understanding of the material." Weingarten writes that she agrees with President Obama when he says standardized tests should be used to diagnose students' strengths and weaknesses, not to punish students or schools.

Let women vote: election-year history

The election year is a great time to celebrate Women's History Month (March) by teaching about women's voting rights. The Library of Congress lesson guide uses a rich array of primary sources—from lyrics to 19th-century songs for "young ladies" to a photo of picketing suffragettes.

Optimizing extended learning time

The AFT applauds the study, "Time Well Spent," for showing how extended learning time can improve student achievement, and for identifying eight best practices to make the most out of an expanded schedule. At the same time, AFT president Randi Weingarten warns that such programs must include teacher input, and teachers must be compensated for their time.

New union for New York's Evergreen Charter School

Evergreen Charter teachers win right to organizeTeachers at the Evergreen Charter School in Hempstead, N.Y., have won the right to organize and affiliate with the New York State United Teachers, but only after a bitter fight that included the illegal firing of a pregnant special education teacher for her work organizing the union.

Good jobs, fair funding and quality services top economy agenda

The AFT's prescription for creating good jobs that pay a living wage, building our nation's long-term economic infrastructure, and finding better ways to fund essential public services is outlined in a new report, "Building a 21st-Century Economy for All: Recommendations on Good Jobs, Fair Funding and Quality Public Services." The AFT executive council approved the comprehensive plan, which is a road map for policy advocacy, during its Feb. 7-8 meeting in Los Angeles.

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AFT endorses Obama
Fixing the fixation on testing
Let women vote
Optimizing extended learning time
New union for Evergreen Charter School
Good jobs, fair funding and quality public services
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Teachers help develop Common Core Standards

Watch this video to learn more about the Common Core Standards and how AFT members were involved in developing them.

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"When there is high stakes testing, the children do not benefit. They are subject to endless test prep and practice tests."

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