Monday, March 5, 2012

know the pain suffered by David Rathband as he struggled to cope with his blindness. Sometimes it is just too heavy a burden to bear alone By David Blunkett

Pc David Rathband: I know the pain suffered as he struggled to cope with blindness
Daily Mail
No one can ever know exactly what goes through the mind of someone on the edge of taking their own life. But it is clear that the life and dreams of PC David Rathband were haunted by Raoul Moat, the man who left him permanently blind after a shotgun blast to the face in July 2010.

It is worth remembering at this time that all of us owe a deep debt of gratitude to those who put themselves at risk by being on the front line of policing.

Sometimes the officers are prepared for and equipped to deal with danger. Sometimes, as in this case, a traffic cop was going about his duty, ensuring that others were safe, only to find himself picked out at random, a victim of the hate felt by one man for the police in general.

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