Friday, June 19, 2009


Over the summer there is no school on Fridays. Yay! I am so tired by Thursday afternoons that I don't know what to do with myself!

My sister and brother invited me to join Facebook so I was on it last night for about an hour or so before I went to sleep with my baby laptop on. I woke up to it shining in my face and some weird movie was on my TV on a channel that I didn't put it on. My daughter thinks it's funny to change the TV station if I should fall asleep on the sofa. She says she wants me sleeping to quality TV and not trash.

Anyway, this morning i was determined to get out into the garden before the sun started blazing. We have had 96 degree days here lately and it truly zaps the energy. besides that, after having chemo, I'm not s'posed to deal with the sun so much. I can understand why. It truly zaps the energy more so. So I put another zucchini plant and a cucumber plant in the ground. I'm turning up a small area next to the patio so I won't go too far and have such a large area to work with. Something easy to take care of this summer . I put one of the miniature rose bushes in the ground next to the utility room door.

When the sweat started pouring like a fountain that was my signal to move inside. I'm cooling off on baby laptop by posting here and checking a few emails before I get in the shower.

My French e-pal has not IM-ed me this morning. I really, REALLY need to have my car serviced and cleaned out--not necessarily in that order. If this sounds scattered--such are the thoughts in the land of ADD!!{:^D}

Ahh! The roofer guys are finally here to replace those missing shingles blown off during Hurricane Gustav. Yay! Gotta go!

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