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Books for Seniors with Vision Loss and Their Families

Books for Seniors with Vision Loss

and Their Families

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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

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Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living with Macular Degeneration

Out of the Corner of My Eye

Nicolette Pernot Ringgold

In this revised edition, Out of the Corner of My Eye remains a personal and compelling story of someone who lived successfully with macular degeneration and who shares her struggles and her triumphs with people who are coping with the condition now. Although the text of the original is essentially the same, so that Nicolette Pernot Ringgold still tells her inspiring story in her own words, each chapter contains a new section entitled "Living with Macular Degeneration Today," written by Priscilla Rogers and Judy Scott of the AFB Center on Vision Loss and Esther Smith, a Board member at the Center, who adds her own recent experience with macular degeneration to provide important new insights for readers. The book's new sections present information on what has changed—and what hasn't—since Mrs. Ringgold adjusted to her own vision loss and on new techniques and products that are now available. The Resources section is completely new and expanded, providing sources of more detailed information and assistance.

$29.95; paperback, ASCII disk or CD-ROM, or audio CD
$15.00; online edition or downloadable MP3 file


For families, friends, and caregivers.

Aging and Vision Loss: A Handbook for Families
Alberta Orr and Priscilla Rogers

As the number of older persons experiencing
vision loss continues to increase at an
exploding rate over the upcoming years, all
of us may find that a family member or
friend we care about has become visually
impaired. Aging and Vision Loss contains
reassuring, supportive, and helpful
information on meeting the needs of the
older person and family caregivers as well.

Here you'll find:

* Practical information on vision loss

* Answers to common questions and
advice on dealing with a full range of
situations and circumstances to which
people need to adjust

* Adaptive strategies for carrying out
everyday tasks and participating in
leisure activities

* Explanations of how any living
environment can be organized for
independent living

* A comprehensive resource list

$24.95; paperback,ASCII disk or CD-ROM
$12.00 online

Aging and Vision Loss: A Handbook for Families

Continue to live

safely at home.

Making Life More Livable:
Simple Adaptations for Living
at Home After Vision Loss

Revised by Maureen Duffy

This is an essential guide for adults
experiencing vision loss and is an
invaluable resource for their family
and friends. Full of practical tips
and illustrated by numerous photographs,
this easy-to-use resource shows how
people who are visually impaired can
continue living independent, productive
lives at home on their own. Useful
general guidelines and room-by-room
specifics provide simple and effective
solutions for making homes accessible
and everyday activities doable for
individuals with visual impairments.

$24.95; paperback, ASCII disk or
CD-ROM, or audio cassette

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