Saturday, June 6, 2009

Salif Keita

I found another video of Salif Keita on this site called "" What I admire about him beyond his music is his using his fame to help others. He has a foundation to help those on the continent of Africa who have albinism. There is a need for those with albinism to be educated with eye and skin care because, as you know, brothers and sisters with albinism often have mild to severe vision problems. There are also some societies which either consider people with albinism as second class citizens and mistreat them horribly or there are others who feel their body parts can be used for magic medicine. Still babies in other African societies were killed as they were born because they were considered to be a curse on the family.The focus of Salif Keita's foundation is to allay these fears through education and assistance.

This one below I have on my message board.

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