Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cut Outs and writing Practice Sheets

Below are links to the cutouts I promised some of you. For new teachers who do not have email, I am sending through your principals so please have patience with me, principals!
As a reminder, they are used instead of coloring sheets for children who will need tactile accomodations. Example: If the sighted peers are coloring pumpkins for the fall, use the cutout patterns at the links to fold and cut using contruction paper, printer paper or craft paper. Then allow the children to color the cutout on a textured surface. That will make the crayon on the paper have texture and the child can feel where he/she has colored.
Let me know of any other shapes you'd like to see.
Some examples of textured surfaces that can be used for coloring are:
  • window screen taped or stapled to a board
  • canvas board
  • plastic light covering for the fluorescent lights [look up and see what kind is over the lights in your class. You can get a sheet for a few $$ at Lowes or Home Depot]
  • sand paper
  • sidewalk

These are some primary writing sheets. Use a black construction sheet to mask lines to keep place for kids with nystagmus. (I'm not sure these zip files will open every time--but they're for Pre-K)
Visual Impairments Specialist
Ms. Kathy

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