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Dr. Neli Nesheva: Amblyopia disease is included in the clinical pathway under the interference of the national ophthalmology consultant
25 August 2010 | 17:28 | FOCUS News Agency
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Sofia. The amblyopia disease has been added in the list of the clinical pathway diseases under the influence of the national consultant for ophthalmology in the ordinance 40, which could be amended solely and only by the Ministry of Healthcare. This happened in the beginning of January. Then the disease had become a part of the clinical pathway, as the whole pathway had entered years ago. This is what head of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Dr. Neli Nesheva said for FOCUS News Agency.
The disease is included in the clinical pathway 138, which is in the basic set of the Ministry of Healthcare since 2007. The NHIF pays off the whole basic package, which is determined by the Ministry of Healthcare and the addendum for paying off for amblyopia disease is included after a proposal by the national consultant for ophthalmology with the Minister of Healthcare since January 1, 2010.
National consultants offer amendments to the algorithm of the clinical pathways. Thus in that case the national consultant for ophthalmology had given the proposal the amblyopia disease to be included in the clinical pathway 138 by January1, Nesheva explained.
"Alexieva has no relationships with the Health Insurance Fund", the NHIF manager said and added that the agreement was signed between the NHIF and Vizus hospital, and this hospital as any other that meets the requirements could contract under the clinical pathways.

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