Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pray for Haiti and Rush Limbaugh

The poorest country in the western hemisphere has suffered another natural disaster blow. Wyclef Jean has an organization that he's had for sometime now that I think I will assist. I feel for the people there and have as they have suffered. Keep the in your prayers with me.

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh is being his normal unenlightened soul which lets us know that he did not hear the voice of God with that health scare. But then, when you think you ARE God it's impossible to hear the real one. Now he's saying that President Obama jumped on helping the Haitians too fast. I guess, in Rush's little rabid mind, the president should have waited three to five days and played golf before saying/doing anything as in Katrina 2005.

Heap coals of fire, everyone. Heap coals of fire. As Bugs Bunny said." What a maroon!"

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