Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Kids Are Doing

My oldest student has opened his blog here. He's calling it "Boxcutta's Blog" because that is the rapper's name he gave himself a few years ago. When he was in middle school, I helped him open a web sit on Geocities. A couple of years ago Geocities was blocked by the school board's web security system. While it lasted though, it was great because his friends and family could keep up with what he was doing and his teacher could monitor his progress as he wrote journals. We could tell what he needed to include on his spelling list. So now, we have a more secure blog for him that is only open by invitation. He is so happy to be back on the Internet!

Yesterday Mr. J showed me that his receptive vocabulary is fine. Perhaps not up to par with a child his age, but he does have one. It still means that the class he is in maynot the best for him. The poor teacher feels helpless! His vision is also better than it appears. I had him walk with out holding hands and I noticed the slight twist of his head. he is looking through a lower left quadrant of his eyes. We really need another orientation and mobility instructor in this system! I could really work with them on this.

Oh, the little girl, Trinity, that I asked you all to pray for, has gone to China last week. We will see how her surgery turns out for correcting optic nerve hypoplasia. In my links you will see a site titled "Vision for Trinity" authored by her mom.

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