Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking a Break!

Today is Luttermaker's birthday! YAY! I have been thinking about my friend lately. Definitely going shopping on Amazon tonight. Oops! Hope L doesn't read my blog today!

This has been a very busy week. I have located and tried to see every child on my case load. This morning I decided it would be best to use some of Matt's time to get his copy paper. There is no computer set up in his classroom for individual work yet. There is one the para uses to teach the entire class and one the teacher uses. The other two are not working so I went for his paper before going to his school with it. I will have to enlarge some bold line writing sheets for him and he'll do the best he can until the CCTV is set up.

I need to make a braille calendar with Velcro for Mr. Hebrews. I had a scored poster and bought another last night. A lady helped me find some Velcro discs. Sometimes if you tell people what you are doing with the type of children you work with, they will help you find things or give you things to use with your kids.

I returned to the pre-school campus after Matt's. I wanted to catch up with the children I'd missed earlier in the week since they are having a staggered schedule this week. The little model in the the red glasses came on the day I had to skip for our meeting but her new teacher said she should be there on Monday. I can't wait to see her! I had some pictures I took of the kids last school term and I gave those of her to her teacher.

Then I went to see Mr. Football Dude! What a character! He was enjoying some free floor exercise. He has low vision, is non-verbal and non-ambulatory but what flirt! He still has a binky in his mouth. When it fell out I put his hand on it to see if he would grab it and sure enough, he had it and it went straight back into his mouth. He reacts to adults being near so as I sat on the floor next to him he started to pat my leg to get me to tickle him again. His teacher gave me his eye-report which listed him as cortical visually impaired with an acuity of about 20/200.He uses what he has very well. I told his teacher that that and the rest of the report means that he shouldn't be expected to reacts to things visually from across the room. She's pretty good with knowing all about her kids and works closely with him.I love his reaction to faces that are close to his. I have a photo of him just laughing his head off!

I'd been to the third teacher's class the day before--or at least to the lunch room with them. The one little girl was eating solid food fed to her from a spoon. She was not doing that last spring--so this was a great over-the-summer development! Their classroom was locked today so I was not able to see anyone from her class.

I talked to another teacher whose student had moved on to another school. he was supposed to be on one of my co worker's caseload but this teacher said his folks wanted to put him in a private kindergarten. I have to remember to tell that to my coworker so she won't have to worry about continuing to look for him. I had pictures of him also and let his former pre-K teacher have them.

The rest of the photos I gave to the school secretary who said she would give them to the correct teachers.

I got back to my home school a bit after lunch. I didn't bring anything to eat but I usually don't feel like it when I have a lot to do. I can't finish my calendar or my portable dry-erase board because there is no laminating film in the library. I started penciling in the kids I could pencil in on a schedule and unpacked some more thing s and finished my decorating. I made another braille lesson for Mr. H for next week. Then a teacher needed me to install and show her something with the Classroom Suites program--which I don't mind doing but it is loading more slowly than usual on the school computers across the parish. At a center school yesterday it took me about 45 minutes to an hour!

Just when I get to sit again, in the afternoon announcements made as the children are boarding their buses, the principal announces that she needs schedules from all the ancillary personnel. So the penciled in version I'd made had to suffice.

Oh, well.TGIF. Hunnee will be home this evening. I'll just look forward to that and think of next week when it comes.

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