Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy Friday

Thursday was the last day of the ESY (Extended School Year) for exceptional students. I was past ready to sleep in. The germs waited until this last week to attack so I've had a summer cold that has been wiping me out. I haven't had a cold in a few years but my hematologist warned me that my white count was low the last time I saw her. I've been blessed not to catch anything until now. I think my resistance was down, too because the kids I worked with really kept my intensity level up as three of them were autistic and one was developmentally delayed. I always enjoy my kids and the challenge of solving the puzzles of how each one learns. However half-days during the summer is possibly my limit with such an involved group. The para and I earned our paychecks and more.

I've been coming home, propping up my feet with a big water bottle nearby and a big pillow under my head. I take a Benedryl, a Tylenol and a nap with Baby Laptop on my lap while I see what my Face Book friends are doing before my eyes close for a couple of hours. So yesterday I was happy to be able to sleep in. My daughter has had pity on me and unloaded much of the school stuff from my always overloaded car.

I couldn't remember what time I was supposed to go to the doctor but the hospital called the day before to remind me that my appointment was actually with the lab for my PET scan. It wasn't until afternoon so after a nice sleeping in period and only a cup and a half of coffee for breakfast I headed down to the imaging center. Fortunately a cold will cut the appetite so it wasn't so bad maintaining a fast until testing.

So much was going on across town that the traffic was horrible. Add to that a little rain and construction and I was about fifteen minutes late for my scan, But I was the only one in the waiting area and ushered right in. I have to sit still or take a nap for about an hour after being injected with radioactive sugars. Afterwards I'm taken to another room where I stretch out on a narrow table and get scanned for forty minutes by a big drum like machine.

On my way home the traffic was far worse. I sat on Perkins Road for nearly an hour. There was no way I could get to the hematologist on the same day. I had no way to call as I'd drop my phone someplace in my house as I rushed to the lab. My husband telephoned and we agree to meet for a late lunch/early dinner at Jason's Deli. He was also stuck in traffic some miles south of me and was trying to get to the hospital to be with me. By then I was starving and it would give the traffic time to ease down. It was closer to dinner time than lunch by then. Hunnee had his own doctor's appointment and wanted to come to the hospital with me at least to meet me there and waiting during the last part of my appointment. But timing and the traffic would not allow for that.

While at Jason's we talked about the new puppy. I was a little relieved that we didn't have to take him in and that he'd found a new home. I was feeling a little worn to have to train an energetic pup and although we have ample backyard space for a pup to play, the gate needs replacing so that a dog won't get to the street. Besides, Mr. Bob Buttons may get stressed by a new creature on his territory.

I'd not planned to go to the Lee High Funeral since I had a cold and it would mean I'd have to get into traffic from my side of town. But since we were now on that side of town I decided to drop in for a bit since it started at 6:30PM. The school where I used to work until last school year was closed and the alumni was having a last fling there to say good bye. There were far more people there than I thought would be there. Face Book had over 400 replies but far more than that were there. I met two ladies who were part of the first class to graduate from the school. They were introducing themselves to everyone.

Since I'd not planned to attend I only had my phone for taking pictures so I didn't get as many photos as I would have if I'd brought my camera. I only saw about three people I knew. I saw the wrestling coach Bill Bofinger who is also and alum. I saw Freida Bayhi, who was one of the visual impairments resource specialist there before me and Mrs. Haslitt the librarian who retired from there a couple of years ago. The area school board rep, Noel Hammat was there, too. It was a nice atmosphere and everyone was very happy to be there. I passed by my old room which was a converted bathroom. The Bugs Bunny towels that I'd made into curtains were still in the windows.

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