Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is a touching story about two disabled athletes. I saw a story about them some years ago but this video completes their story: One is legally blind while the other lost his legs in a train accident. The continuation of their story is about their relationship with the reporter who became a part of their lives. 
Another interesting part about the story is that the visually impaired wrestler became interested in judo in college and he was coached by my former student Scott Moore who is a multi-medal winning paralympian himself. In this video, as the young wrestler goes to the paralympics, you will see Scott--the coach with albinism-- with him.  
I'm thankful to Scott who shared this video with us on our LSVI alum page on Facebook.  After viewing it, I know that you will be, too!

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  1. From Scott on our alumni page: "Yeah, the original story is what prompted us to go after Dartanyon. We got him into a local judo club in Cleveland and they didn't charge him and gave him a judo go (uniform) then after about 6 months we moved him to the Olympic Training Center where he still lives. He is a great kid. I don't know Leroy but I did high-5 him and Dartanyon's sister after that match that got him into the bronze medal match."

    Thanks, again, to Scott Moore for sharing this video.


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