Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm Excited!!! A New Braille Source in Louisiana!

We order our students' textbooks, some materials and equipment from a lending library hosted by the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired called Louisiana Instructional Materials Resource Center or LIMC. Those of us who are intinerant have to work very closely with the staff there.
Recently, Robin, the lady who runs it mentioned something I had thought of earlier and she's just the person to get it started! She knows I do prison ministry, particularly Kairos Prison Ministry, at Angola and she would like to start a braille textbook industry there like they have at other prisons
across the country.

Lot's of wonderful, productive industries happen at Angola as well as a strong Christian community so I am hoping that Warden Caine approves this idea. I would certainly like to help and would be interested in teaching the use of the computer transcribing programs.

It would make getting textbooks out to our kids a lot easier and bring down the cost of ordering them from out-of-state sources. I'm excited about this!

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