Monday, July 15, 2013

AD/HD: Separating Facts From Fiction

Why am I including this on a blog about blindness and visual impairments? Because, just like sighted children, our children with visual impairments can have other conditions that need to be understood in order to provide the best teaching strategies for them.

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National Center for Learning Disabilities

March 5, 2013

LD News

Dear Kathy,

AD/HD: Facts vs. Fiction
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a source of great debate, occasionally the butt of late-night talk show jokes, and is widely misunderstood. We know AD/HD is no laughing matter, though, especially for the one-third of people with LD who also have AD/HD. If your child is one of them, there are ways to sort it all out.

In this issue, we clearly separate AD/HD fact from fiction and bring you a new video on this topic. Help us spread the truth by sharing these resources with others!

The NCLD Team

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Top Features

AD/HD: Separating Fact from Fiction
This video debunks some common myths about AD/HD and reveals the truth about the causes, proper diagnosis, management/treatment, and manifestations of the disorder. Get the straight scoop now. (8:27)
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AD/HD Resources You Can Trust
Not sure where to turn for reliable information on AD/HD? We've carefully compiled a list of AD/HD-related videos, articles, books, and online resources you can trust.
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LD and AD/HD Make Stress Worse
Psychologist Jerome Schultz says, "For kids with LD and AD/HD, stress lives in the space between I need to and I don't know how to. Read an excerpt from his book and be on the lookout for two new articles he's writing for us!
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What Is AD/HD?
This informative video clearly describes the three types of AD/HD, as well as the underlying causes and how the disorder impacts a person's executive functions. Watch and learn. (7:43)
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Using Apps for Kids with LD and AD/HD
An educational advocate doubted that mobile apps would help her daughter with AD/HD and other disorders. She gave apps a try, and she was pleasantly surprised with the results.
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Out-of-the-Box Advocacy
Parent contributor Lyn Pollard extols the power of crafting personal letters and emails to key decision makers who have a say in the education of kids with LD. Read her tips for conveying your message.
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