Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blind-Friendly Cities in the US

Is your city blind-friendly? Is it easy to get around independently either by foot or via public transportation? If not, perhaps you can work to get something done about that or if you're looking to work and live in a blind-friendly atmosphere the articles to where these links will take you may be  of some help in your decision making:

Top Places to Live:
A list on ehow based on public transit, studies by AFB etc.

Navigating Cities, For the Blind
Claudia Folska, a blind city planner, believes she can find ways to create urban landscapes that are easier for everyone to navigate(Wired Magazine):

Liveable Communities
Here is the list by the American Foundation for the Blind based on 2003 data:
This list also tells specifically why these places were given the ratings they have.

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