Thursday, April 9, 2009

Taking a Break

The day is almost over and I am taking a break. I ran all this morning. I went to the preschool school this morning, then to a high school, I picked up some stuff and then was back at my home school for lunch. Then I started working on some school stuff (I have found some good stuff I will write about and post photos later)and straightening out this little office room from where I messed it up during testing with the things I brought and the items I rearranged for the student I was testing. I took some things home yesterday but I didn't complete the cleaning/organizing process and I want to be done before spring break.

It has been hard to get anything done on the computer because my work computer is sick. It was giving me the interface for the high school where I was assigned last school term. I saw Intellitools on there and clicked on it thinking that some wise tech had installed it on our school network. Not so. It was a decoy for something that took off my Intellitools and the lessons I'd created. Then my computer became upset with me and said, "Just for doing that--whatever you did--I will no longer allow you to log in. Baby, I never knew ye."

So, here at my school desk/table I have an old GX1 from which I type. I can kinda-sorta look at work email and kinda-sorta type in my blog here. Kinda-sorta.

I received an email during testing about a new student. Of course I couldn't open it until after testing because no on is to have a computer on during testing, even if there is no testing going on in the same room as the computer. My supervisor had forwarded an email from a principal of one of the schools I visit. The email said that this child is visually impaired and no one has been there to see her. Well, I promptly wrote back saying that she was not on the roll Id been given or I'd have been to see her because I'd definitely been to the school to see all the children who were listed on my case load. The way it was stated rather ticked me off, as it implied the child had been there for a time and that I had not.

I'd let the librarian know and she filled out a tech support form for me on March 25--so that will be about three or four weeks with this handicap. I have some visual impairments technology stuff I need to get to the other teachers and I cannot do it here. I do what I can at home but I can't always be awake at home.

I guess the techs are really busy. Doesn't look like a tech will see me until after the holidays. It's a little difficult to log in to the IEP program and do other things I need to do. Ho hum.

It's like being on a roll to get something done and having to stop to go to the bathroom--which is rather my story.(Yeah, I know: TMI). I kinda-sorta get that from my office/roommate. I will be doing something and she wants to talk. I know she doesn't mean anything malicious by it. She probably doesn't have many people who talk to her so I give her a few minutes.As our prison ministry motto says "Listen. listen, love love."

So, I'm using a few minutes break at the end of the school day to write here. It is the last day before we get off for the break--which I call a Resurrection Sunday break rather than a Spring Break or Easter Break because that is what I choose to celebrate.

I have a little more picking up to do in here before I get on the road. So my break is over. Back to work and I'M OUTTA HERE!

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