Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Thinking

I'm thinking i'm working just as hartd over the holidays as I would at work. Must have something to do with the S/T C and my two memory cards being tin the same dimension.

I'm up at 5AM getting my coffee. I had to take Daughter to campus because she was off for the holiday break last week rather than this one like the public schools. Then I went to get a baby laptop from Office Depot.

I've been trying to catch up on the junk and the mess in my house. Got some plants re potted and some started, scrubbed the bathroom, washed clothes and put some in the giveaway bin. I believe my clothes and my daughter's are mating.

After dropping BabyDaughter off on campus I bought the baby laptop. Hers has a dead screen and we need some other way to access the Internet when we're not home. Then I finally checked my email and found one saying Brother Hermann passed. Went to the visitation at the funeral home. That meant not getting my old car looked at--and OH! I need to call Freddie about the shingles that were blown off the roof in the storm last week! I'd better do that now!

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