Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Disturbing Commercials

All of the Burger King commercials with the character of the papier mache head Burger King are disturbing. there is one where a lady wakes up, looks out her window and the king is in her front lawn holding one of his BK breakfasts out for her. The other disturbing one shows a man waking up and rolling over in his bed to find the king is next to him. The poor guy looks like he's ab9out to have a heart attack which is what he's on his way to if he eats this stuff on a regular. What a night he must have had, eh?

This latest has Sponge Bob references and women with square butts like Spongy while the king raps about square butts. The women on the commercial which runs like a rap video, dance and shake their square butts while the king "busts moves" like a rapper and measures square butts with a T-square. When I say it's really weird and disturbing, believe me.

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