Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hassle Over Bo

My daughter was in first grade she was excited about the Clinton's moving into the White house with Socks their cat. So she wrote Chelsea Clinton a letter that proclaimed her fan-dom: "Dear Chelsea Clinton, I like cats. Socks is cute." Enclosed was one of her wallet sized first grade school portraits.

A few weeks later she receive and eight by ten paw stamped glossy of Mr. Socks Clinton. It was precious. She took it to school to show her teacher and her first grade class.

A bit of fluff went on for a bit about the first cat and the idea of a first cat rather than a first dog and reporters with nothing else to do chased the poor thing over the Whitehouse lawn--I suppose in an attempt to interview Mr. Socks on his political views. Finally Chelsea spoke up and asked them not to bother Socks. He was, as most cats are, an Independent and not in the mood or habit of speaking politics with reporters, being a rather private individual--as most cats are. We stopped hearing from or about Mr. Socks, leading my daughter and myself to wonder what ever became of him. First dog, Beau came on the scene not long after.

Now the current first family has a dog that was promised to the first babies. It's a cute fluffy Portuguese water dog pup. He's been dubbed "Bo." The search was difficult because one of the children has allergies so the dog choice had to be hypoallergenic. Apparently there is such a thing and Bo is it. He's darling. I know the children will be pleased with him. He has the looks of a little girl's dog.

Already there is a hassle in the media with little Bo. He's not exactly a shelter dog. He wasn't exactly rescued from a life or death situation a la Mr. Bob Buttons. As a parent, let's get real, media hounds! If I had to search for the right pet under the right conditions, my number one concern would be for my child's health and not from where the animal came. The article goes on and on ab out the Obama's choice for a dog and where he , Bo, came from. Once again, like chasing Socks across the White house lawn for an interview, these reporters have nothing better to do. Leave Bo alone.

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