Thursday, June 10, 2010

must b u

nobody plays by the same rules as you
   ...'cause your way is the right way
nobody is as well-read as you
   ...and you're exasperated by such shortcomings
nobody drives as well as you
   ...and even the traffic lights and police are against you in favor of the general public
nobody dresses like you
   ...and of course everyone should
nobody's belief is like yours on everything from politics to religion
   ...and THEY are all crazy
nobody looks at way back when everything was better
  ...and it's your job to remind them at every turn
nobody minds that their IQ's not where yours is
  ...but the ign'ants seem to be happy anyway
  ...and possibly better paid
  ...and sleeping well at night
   ...'cause they don't comprehend how ign'ant they are
  ....and it's not fair how that works out
  nobody's going to complain like you
   ...but yet that's all you're going to do
   ...besides stay awake at night
   ...while all the ign'ants sleep at night
   ...'cause it's their fault you ain't happy

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