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MountainWings:Sunday - Jury Duty

See what other things you can do while waiting PATIENTLY. Take time to observe the world around you. (I like Mountain Wings and miss 'em)
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Jury Duty

Last week I served  on jury duty.

When I received the notice in the mail, I admit like most people
I sighed and said, "I don't have time for this; I have too much
to do."

I also thought about the mere $25 I would get paid for the whole
day.  I said, "Why don't they pay me what I make on my job for a
day's work?"  But then, the thought came to me, "What if I were
the one with the case and needed jurors to attend my trial?"
From that moment on, I was honored to serve on jury duty.
Besides, if everyone were paid what they made on their jobs,
taxes would go up and we would pay it one way or another.

As I sat in the juror assembly room, I looked around and noticed
that these jurors made up our society.  Even though we were all
different in many ways, we were all connected and the same in
many ways.

A man sitting behind me looked as though he had nothing at all
in common with me.  He asked me what I did, and I told him.
I asked him the same, and he said he owned a yoga center.  I
told him I had been to one yoga center in the city and offered
him the name.  His eyes lit up, "That's the one I own,"
he responded.

He told me it was a small world.

Sometimes it is not the size of the world that we overestimate
as it is the link between us all that we underestimate.

The other observance that became apparent to me while waiting
were the activities people performed while waiting to be selected
for a courtroom.  It reflected what they did with their spare
time in life.

Some people were asleep; sleep was important to them.

Some people were working on their laptops; work had to be done.

Some people were reading the newspaper.
They wanted to stay abreast of what was going on in the world.

Some people were reading books.
They understood the power of reading.

Some people were talking to others.
They enjoyed good conversation.

Others were watching television.
They just wanted to be entertained.

Some looked at this time waiting as time wasted. Others looked
at it as a blessing to finally be able to slow down for a minute
and take a breather.

Jury duty was representative of life.
The same time, the same job, the same place, the same pay,
and the same responsibility represented different things to
different people.

Just like life, the jury duty selection process will seem like
they are picking on you at times.  I have been here four times
in the past five years, yet my mother is over twice my age and
has never been summoned.

The next time you are summoned for jury duty, imagine it was
your case and be thankful for the freedom realized in the
judicial system.  While waiting to be chosen to perform your
duty, take notice of how you spend your time.

By the way, I wrote three MountainWings issues while waiting.
I had intentions of writing them for weeks and just now found
the time.

~A MountainWings Original by James Bronner~

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