Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angola Kairos #49 Part 1

I started writing this entry on last Thursday. The hotel we use in St. Francisville for Kairos has undergone some changes. The Internet connection is one of the changes. It has been intermittent, thus the late post. No, I do not have an iPhone.

I need to get sum'n to eat. I made it here to St. Francisville in one slightly damp piece. Thank God. I really do.
Mr. Bob Buttons woke me up at 4:30AM. His internal clock has been thirty minutes off lately. Still pretty good for a 14-year-old cat. I'd packed the night before so I could leave for the Kairos Prison Ministry weekend right after work. Unfortunately, I couldn't pack my car. I had to bring out the dusty Corolla I'd given to my daughter for work. It's fine for getting to work but not for going out of town.

My air conditioning went out on the Intrigue. After work on yesterday I took it to the Texaco where everyone and his mama happened to be bringing a car in for repair or inspection. I'd just had the air fixed a couple of weeks ago so there was no reason for it to run hot again unless the mechanic didn't repair the leak. The guy behind the cash register wanted a receipt and had be run back to the car to find it. Rivers of sweat were pouring from my neck when he decided, "Oh, yeah! I can look it up on he computer!"

So after work I asked my mother to take me to get my car from the Texaco. Then I had to bring it home and pack it with luggage and Kairos stuff.

When I finally got on the road, it seemed everybody and their mama was trying to travel through St. Francisville on Highway 61. Then a I turned into the hotel's driveway, I saw the sign had been changed once again. It is now, The Magnamous! Wow! That's the third name in about as many years. When I started it was a part of the Bestwestern chain. After that, a couple of years ago, it became a Quality Inn.

Inside the guys were ready to start their meeting and a couple of them set up a table for me which would become "Agape Central." That's where I put together the prayer chain, the agape bags and do my other agapeladytype stuff.

I met my husband just outside. He'd already arrived and asked for a room on the ground floor near the lobby. He knows I have to go back and forth to the conference room so this will make life easier.

Well, gotta do my agape stuff and get something to eat.

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