Friday, April 2, 2010

Peeps are at it Again

Marshmallow Peeps Yellow Chicks 5ct.Each year there's a Peeps diorama contest. When I didn't see this year's results announced I went lookin' fer it. LTMS! OH! for my Chinese blog followers who are not blocked, my Spanish readers and Irish friends, Peeps is a marshmallow candy in the shape of baby chickens named for the sound made by--guess what?--baby chickens! There are also Peep bunnies nowadays, which they didn't have when I was a kid.
Here's a link for some smile inducing diorama's featuring our soft, comfort food friends: PEEPS Winners

This link is for Peeps at the movies: PEEPS AT THE MOVIES

How to play Peep Duel? Click here for a Peep at some fun. (sorry) {:^G}

Here's an article with photos from the Washington Post: Best of the Culturally Literate Peeps.

You may prefer modern art to dioramas with these Peep modernists.

If you'd like to enter next year's contest, the official Peeps web site is at All I ask is that you make sure to let me know if you enter and send me a photo of your creation. You know I love strangely creative stuff like this. Hee hee!

I'd write more but I'm too pooped to peep.

Oh, no she di'n't say that!

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