Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Need to Share This Fast!!!

After you pay your $139.49 (inflation is a bugger) to FB, take your receipt, to Applebee's and demand that $5,000 they owe you for forwarding that other email 50 times. You coulda had a V-8!

I hear that missing girl, Penny, whose photo from 1986 is still being forwarded, works at Applebee's and has 4 kids. The youngest has cancer. AOL and Bill Gates will donate 50 cents to help Penny's baby each time you forward this message.

"50 Cent" will not like this arrangement and will try to knock you out by making you smell the perfume on his business card which is actually laced with ether. When you awake,you'll be in a tub of ice and your kidney will be missing.

Your kidney could possibly end up in Barack Obama's home country of Morocco because the reason why he ran for president of the USA was to get American kidneys for the Muslims people of his actual country of birth where there seems to be a severe shortage of kidneys. That is how he and his kidney-stealing people will take over the world, leaving no tea drinking, mooseburger-eating white people behind.  It's a bi-racial conspiracy. It's in the Bible as predicted by Nostradamus. Turn to page 426.

Speaking of the Bible--you need to share this fast, because God is depending on YOU! I don't care how much you have prayed for the kidnapping babies (they have miniature OOzies) crying outside your window, He's not hearing prayers by bedside anymore. He only reads emails. He likes emails in large quantities. Want your blessings? Share this "Ms. Kathy (AKA Franceeen) Moment" with your friends--about 100 of them, tell them to do the same and you will be blessed. Don't send it and the devil will know about it and you will be cursed. A man in Michigan did not forward this, and now he has hammer toes and hemmorrhoids
. Really. It's in the Bible. Now get to work!

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