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Autism Awareness Month & Community Updates

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Disaboom Weekly: Apr. 4-10

Holly Robinson-Peete, Celebrity Apprentice & Autism Awareness Advocate

Holly Robinson Peete & Jenny McCarthy
Holly Robinson Peete, current candidate on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, actor, singer, and book author, is also a mom, the wife of former NFL quarterback Rodney Pete, and the daughter of much-beloved Matthew T. Robinson, Jr., familiar to millions of children as Gordon on Sesame Street.

She's also a tireless advocate and fundraiser for Parkinson's and autism awareness. Through the Hollyrod Foundation, Holly Robinson Peete is now taking on the Parkinson's that her father battled and the autism that one of her twins was diagnosed with at age 3.

Quinn autistic child

Meet Quinn: One Beautiful Face of Autism

A Mother's tribute to her son, Quinn, a little boy with autism who's incredibly smart and wonderfully unique--he is one face of the thousands of children who are diagnosed with autism each year.

Learn what signals triggered Quinn's parents to learn their son had autism. Watch this mother's touching story throuch pictures and illustrations of the journey that lead to the diagnosis that changed their life forever.

More: Quinn's Story
Bible & rosary

Priest Scandal at Deaf School

The latest news in the deaf community about sexual abuse by a priest at a deaf school is astonishing and there are issues at deaf schools all over the nation. The reason that this has not been a widespread issue is because not all deaf schools are affiliated with the Catholic religion.

Catholic priests have been under investigation for sex abuse in the recent decade and most recently, the Pope has been pointed at for not being more strict with priests. Is this a widespread scandal or are we only focusing on the 200 deaf boys who were molested in Wisconsin?

More: Priest Scandal at Deaf School
Fashion Model in Wheelchair

Adapted Clothing: Where to Shop

Tiffiny Carlson shares her picks for the hottest adapted clothing on the market. There's nothing more satisfying than a wheelchair clothes company that not only creates adapted clothing, but gets it right.

There's a difference between what fits a standing person and what works for wheelchair clothes, so Tiff has taken hottest choices from the best styles and companies and listed them in this article.

More: Tiff's Fashion Picks
Wheelchair wheels

Electric Wheelchair Carrier Essentials

Don't buy an electric wheelchair carrier before you read this. We give you tips and pointers on what to look for in a wheelchair carrier or wheelchair ramp.

Electric wheelchairs tend to be heavier than regular wheelchairs. So, an electric wheelchair carrier for transporting these chairs tends to be a bit more complicated than a wheelchair carrier for a manual chair. Get the facts before you purchase here.

Electric Wheelchair Carrier Essentials">More: Electric Wheelchair Carriers 101


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Marijuana Plant

Uses of Medical Marijuana

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