Saturday, March 2, 2013

Counting Box for Students in the Severe-Profound Class

The first photo shows the materials used to make the multi-sensory counting box: jingle bells, dayglo tape, dayglo color labels a clear plastic container with a top, wiggle eyes, tacky glue. 

I put the jingle bells in child-proof medicine containers that people have been saving for me. I made several representaions for the number five on each side of the container: The wiggle eyes were used to make the braille number 5. The tape was used to make a print numeral five and the dayglo color label dots were used on one side to show five. 

The idea is that each day Mrs. East will tap count to five and her sever-profound disabled children will tap count with her. The five jingle bells in five medicine containers can be dropped into the container while counting to five and the glowing shake animals shown in the last photo can be dropped in while they glow. 

One of these boxes was also made for the students in my other severe-profound class that I visit at a middle school.

If you are one of those who has asked about activities for children with cortical blindness--here you are!


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