Friday, May 11, 2012


My daughter and I have been working together on setting up and designing the web site for the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Family Life Center. This is a newly built section of our church that features a ministry for family activities. The building houses aerobic exercise rooms, a weight and exercise machine rooms, a gymnasium that can be a large auditorium with a stage and a fantastic sound system. The floor is made to handle rollerskating and banquets. There is also a bowling alley with a concession stand and men's and women's spas with a hot tub and an indoor walking track. Members of our church as well as others can join the FLC or just take classes as they are available.

We're setting it up as a blog because the church already has a web site and since the activities and schedule change, as they should, we wanted the program director of the FLC to be able to post activities on her own as needed. If we'd set up a regular web site she would have to wait for a web designer to come in and make changes for her each time she needed to post. CLICK HERE to see what we have so far.

I'm going to help The Daughters of Naomi do the same thing because this is something I believe is necessary to support. They offered to pay me but I get as much out of doing this as it is the right thing to do and it relaxes my brain to work on things like this--especially for something I truly believe in and support. It seems it is not popular to support children in abstinence.

Speaking of support, if you are of a mind to support others in prayer, I hope you would support a former coworker in prayer. Gail Canova taught braille to blind children for over 40 years. She has been surviving with cancer since 2008. She continued to teach until last school year when it became impossible for her to do so.    

As I was writing this, I received a phone call from a man who is an example of service with his life and with Kairos Prison Ministry. Brother J.W. Williams just called to say good-bye. He had a tube in his mouth and couldn't all earlier but as soon as he could he called to tell me at 7:15 this morning to share that he'd had a procedure that ran a tub up one leg and then the other to keep the passageway open to his heart. Brother J.W. has had heart problems for a while now and was on a list to have a transplant some years ago. Now he is saying that he will have a tube removed from his leg and that will probably stop his heart. He was calling to ask that we not send flowers for him but instead send donations for his wife so his medical bills won't be such a burden on her. We prayed together before we said good-bye on the phone. We don't know if God will be ready for him after this procedure but we know that with J.W.'s example which followed Christ's example, he is ready to be with God whenever He calls.

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