Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fwd: Bookshare Action This Summer!

Bookshare K-12 Newsletter

May 2012

Bookshare Express Summer Book Suggestions

And Tango Makes Three, by Justin Richardson (k-3)
Akiak A Tale of the Iditarod, by Robert J. Blake (1-6)
Adaptation and Change on the Galapagos Islands, by Helen Sillett (4-8)
Blind Mountain, by Jane Resh Thomaso (4-8)
The Acorn People, by Ron Jones (6-12)
The Prairie Traveler: The 1859 Handbook for Westbound Pioneers, by Randolph B. Marcy (9-12)
Letters from High Latitudes, by Marques of Dufferin (9-12)

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Summer Reading Contest!

The Bookshare Express is our 4th annual summer reading contest. Get your students on board for one of this summer's most fun events!
Bookshare members of every age, grade level, and country, including international members, are invited to read books about different places and share what they learned. For each submission, they can win great prizes like a tablet PC, mp3 players, and Read2Go apps!
How can your students participate?
  1. Educators learn how to sign up your students for an Individual Membership
  2. Sign up to be notified when the contest launches in early June.

Mentor Awards and Special Recognition Announced!

As of today, approximately 370 Bookshare Mentors and Local Experts are doing their part to Let Reading Come Alive in their districts. Many went the "extra mile" and shared their activities with the Bookshare team. They also became eligible for prizes, including Read2Go licenses, MP3 players, gift cards for school supplies, and an iPad as a grand prize.
Congratulations to Sallie Spencer who will receive an iPad for her work with children, teachers, and parents across all grade levels in Olivet, Michigan. Sallie will also be profiled in an upcoming Bookshare Blog.
See the full list of winners here.

Time to Locate Next Year's Textbooks

Check the Bookshare library to see if next year's textbooks are available, if not, let us know by giving us us the title, author, an ISBN and we'll purchase the books, scan and proofread them over the summer so they're ready for you in the fall. Contact us

Bookshare Books Now Available for MP3 Players to request yourBookshare.

More good news! Bookshare now offers titles that can be downloaded and played on any MP3 player. When a title is requested for the first time, it may need to be converted to MP3. Delivery times will depend on the size of the book and the number of people waiting for MP3 book conversions. Note that MP3 audio files are best played on an MP3 player. Keep your eyes open for other formats that will be available in the future.

Downloading Books is EBookshareHalf!

Downloading Bookshare books is easier than ever. You are no longer required to enter a password (a second time) when unzipping your downloaded bookBooksharemply log into your Bookshare account, find the book you want, download, unzip and open with your Webinarsd reader.

Upcoming Webinars

Educators: Get Individual Memberships for Students!
Wednesday, May 23rd, 1:30 p.m. PDT, 2:30 p.m. MDT, 3:30 p.m. CDT, 4:30 p.m. EDT
Sign up here
Bookshare to get Individual Bookshare Memberships for your students.
Besides allowing students to participate in the Summer Contest, Individual Memberships:
  • Enable students or parents to download books anywhere, anytime (and all summer long)!
  • Allow stuBookshare'srents to install Bookshare's free reading tools on any computer.
  • Promote independence as students learn they can download books themselves.
  • Encourage students to read for pleasure, not just for school.
  • Make it easier for stuappss to utilize ouriOSbile apps: Read2Go for iOS devices Go Read foBookshare devices.
    Take Bookshare to College
    Thursday, May 24th, 12:00 p.m. PDT, 1:00 p.m. MDT, 2:00 p.m. CDT, 3:00 p.m. EDT
    Your student with print disabilities will be a step ahead if he or Booksharees at college as a Bookshare user. Learn how to help yoBooksharet get started with Bookshare, find popular titles as well as resources including how to get financial aid, and more. We'll also point you to the right resource at the school your college-bound student has selected.BookshareRegister here.
    Take the Bookshare Express to Anywhere this Summer.
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