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UMC Detox Closure

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H E L P !!!!! Please see below a request for your imput i;ve attached one persons story i know personally and i must say today is a substanial productive member to our community both local and abroad. I'm asking to please sent some plea for assistance in keeping this service available. I might add to his testimony that having this service willl also reduce crime rate and violance , THANKS

Please see below and send your comments. to link provided !

UMC First Step Detoxification Unit Closure
Dear Governor Bobby Jindal,
My name is C. H,. I am a father and a business owner in Lafayette, LA. I have also been an active sober member of a 12-step program here in Lafayette for the last 4 years. My road to recovery was a long and painful one with many heart-aches and family turmoil. The first steps to progress began at UMC First Step Detox. At the time, I was homeless, unemployable, and could not afford the desperately needed treatment and services that was provided at UMC. Had that program not been in place, there is little doubt that I would not be alive today. The Unit and Staff there were vital in my recovery and ultimately in the Steps that have given me my life back today!
Many of the individuals that I sponsor today are a product of the Detox Unit in Lafayette or others across our great state. They like many are at the turning points in their lives, where the next steps can literally mean life or death. They, like me, have gone on to live healthy and productive lives and become contributing members of society.
-          Families have been re-united, lightening the burden on the State to provide for these families in need.
-           Individuals have become employable again - repaying our tax and financial obligations – lightening the load on the State and Federal unemployment programs.
-          Many have returned to mental and physical heath, reducing the burden to other areas of State Hospitals.
-          Others, much like me, have gone on to open successful businesses – creating new jobs and opportunities for many and are active in our local communities and Religious affiliations.
These and countless other success stories would have simply not been possible without the UMC First Step Detox program. The Program is Vital to many on the road to recovery, their families, and countless others. The indirect costs to the State, families, and communities of closing this program will be far greater than the costs to continue its operations.
Please contact me if I can provide any additional information or assistance in your decision making process, provide testimony to the necessity of this program in our community, or offer creative models on a hybrid private-public model that would lighten the financial burden to the State.
Gratefully yours,
C. S.H.


I has come to my attention today that the First Step Detoxification Unit at UMC in Lafayette, LA will be closing on March 5, 2012.
The is a vital link in the chain of recovery for folks with addictions in Southwest Louisiana. If this unit closes there will no place for people needing help to reach out to.
This is a grassroots effort to keep this unit from closing.
Because of the short amount of time the we have we need to move quickly. Below is a Link to Governor Bobby Jindal. Please send your comments to him ASAP.
Please choose Health & Hospitals in the pull down topic window and the first line in the comments window type "UMC First Step Detoxification Unit Closure".
Best Regards,
                        Dennett R.

P.S. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be sympathetic to this closure.

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