Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fasting for Lent

Thanks to Bud Richardson [via nick Sigur] for these great tips.

                             A different Approach to Fasting to show love for Lord

Fasts have a tendency to be oriented towards giving up things like food, drinks, snacks, movies, or television.  But there are other creative ways to fast. And they may change your life in a positive way if in 40 days they become a new way of life for you.  Here are suggestions you may want to consider.

1.  Fast from anger and hatred.
     Give your family an extra dose of love each day.

2.  Fast from judging others.
     Before making any judgment's remember to recall how Jesus overlooks our failures.

3. Fast from discouragement.
     Hold on to Jesus' promise that He has a perfect plan for your life.

4.  Fast from complaining.
     When you are about to complain about anything, close your eyes and remember the moments that Jesus gave you
     that brought so much joy into your life.

5. Fast from resentment and bitterness.
     Work on forgiving those who may have hurt you.

6. Fast from spending too much money.
     Try to reduce your spending by 10% and give the savings to help the poor.

7.  Spend extra time for personal prayers.
     Take the time to pray for everyone you know. Remember there is no such thing as too many prayers.
Things to consider trying to do during Lent that will make a difference in your life and made an impact on the lives of other people; your loved ones, people who slightly know, people you work, with and total strangers.
  1. Random acts of kindness - pay for a strangers drink, pay the next cars toll on a toll road,pay part of the bill for the person behind you in a line.
  2. Hold the door for someone entering a store when you are exiting or someone exiting as you are entering.
  3. Take the time to call, e-mail, text someone just to ask how their day is going.
  4. Send a card, note or letter to a friend who you have not been in touch with for some time and try to re-connect with them.
  5. Remember just a simple smile or saying hi or hello to someone may change their attitude for the day and they may even pass it on!

Wishing you Peace, Love, and Happiness during Lent.

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