Friday, January 6, 2012

Olfactory Kits

I have friends who save medicine containers for me so that I can make these for some of my multidisabled students. Then we collect scented samples to keep in them. You can use kitchen seasonings, cough drops, candy, orange peels,  potpourri and as in this case, body sprays from a dollar store.

I like the medicine containers better than 35mm film canisters because, well, first they're easier to find since people are using digital cameras and cell phones. Second: after rinsing the medicine residue from  these containers, the childproof caps make these safer incase there is a child who has the dexterity to grab one and try to open it for him/herself. 

I also like to soak cottonballs with the liquid scents so that incase a child can grab one, none of the liquid will pour out. Depending on the liquid, you may need to change out the cotton balls every 2 weeks or so in case you've used a liquid that will support mold growth.

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