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Programs of Service for First Time Homebuyers & New & Emerging Business Owners

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Baton area family and friends, please see below...
Eula Shelmire George
Romans 10:9-10
Jeremiah 29:11
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The attached flyers are provided for informational purposes to engage those interested in these community services:

1.         Attached is a promotional flyer inviting first time homebuyers to an exclusive briefing for King's Children Subdivision.  Please disseminate to your eligible clients with an interest in an extraordinary opportunity to own a $134,000 newly constructed home for $84,000.  This is unprecedented in this economy and offers eligible low to moderate income families an avenue to build long term assets and wealth that can literally transform their household capacity and financial sustainability for generations to come!  (Please note that consideration is limited to clients currently registered to attend or graduates who have completed first time home buyer training programs within the last 6-12 months.)
2.         Attached is a second flyer offering Small Business Training to eligible clients – Including an introduction to entrepreneurial principles, financial literacy and personal/professional skills development.  It is a course of study valued in excess of $1,000 per person provided free of charge and covers the equivalent of a full semester of college study as well as technical assistance and financial resources to new and emerging business owners.
For additional information or to register feel free to call 225.356.6060 or 225.356.8871 ASAP as space is limited and applicants will be processed on a first-come, first served basis.  Late comers will be added to the waiting list of clients in the pipeline for future classes.

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