Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fw: Help NPR beat FOX News

Yeah, help NPR beat "Faux" News!   
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Dear Kathy,
This Sunday, the White House Correspondents Association will decide which news organization will be awarded the seat recently vacated by Helen Thomas. The news organizations most actively vying for the seat are FOX, NPR and Bloomberg News.
FOX News is a right-wing propaganda outlet, not a legitimate news agency.
In recent weeks the network has turned the volume up on its race-baiting political agenda. The media assault on falsely accused Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod is just a latest in a series of racist and politically motivated attacks on targets like Van Jones, ACORN, and Eric Holder's Department of Justice.
It's bad enough that we have to endure the constant smear campaigns and appeals to racial paranoia from FOX. We can't let them have the legitimacy conferred by having the best seat in the White House press briefing room.
NPR has had a full time White House correspondent since the 1970s. The public radio network regularly reaches 27 million listeners with its news programming.
The Board of the White House Correspondents Association will make its final decision during its upcoming board meeting on Sunday, August 1. So it's urgent that we take action on behalf of NPR now.
Thank you for taking action,
- The team in partnership with CREDO Action

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