Friday, March 5, 2010

It's a Shame

One of my babies is in trouble today. He didn't do what and adult advised. He's not supposed to treat his cane like a toy and he thought it would be fun to spin around and around in the cafeteria after a strong warning not to. He thought it would be cool to stick it out there when another kid walked by and to tap out a dance rhythm, then take the cane and run down the hall with it.

I've warned him and told his child specific para that if he treated his cane like a baby does then he has to walk like a baby without a cane and hold onto her and have timeout wherever she thinks appropriate. So when I arrived back at the school this afternoon, I could hear him jabbering in the boys' room. He was ticked off and was trying to change the subject when he heard her telling me of his antics during the day.

"Why, I am so disappointed.I know you know better," I said. "What's up with that baby behavior? Just felt like being goofy because it's Friday?"

"Yep!" he giggled. This is my toy tester who then requested that he go play with some toys in my room.

"I don't think so brother! I'm not smiling and I am not rewarding you for being a mess with Ms. Jesse!" I scolded. "I've told you several times, your cane is not a toy. I will not defend you when you do wrong with Ms. Jesse. And guess what? The principal is on to you, too. If have to be punished like any other kid at this school, you will! No excuses for someone who is old enough to know better! The rule is NO ONE RUNS IN THE HALLS!"

Love him to death, we do. In doing so we have to expect more when we know he can do more and set boundaries. That's life. That's learning. That's loving them--whether they have vision or not.

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