Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's A Prayer Chain Look Like? (Thanks for the Participation)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the prayer vigil for Angola Kairos #48. 

Someone asked me how we use them in a prayer chain. You see, we used to have several pages printed and each volunteer on the team would take the printed pages and ask folks to sign their name to the times represented on the slips of prayer sheets. Each volunteer had a two-hour block of time to look for folks to pray. Then they would have to cut them into strips and staple them together. After that they were to return them to me in numbered bags and while we are at the hotel in St. Francisville, I would link each segment of the chain together, making one long prayer chain. 

Then one of the guys who serves as our runner over the 3 1/2-day Kairos Weekend  would take the prayer chain into the prison in a huge garbage bag. The chain is then hung up inside the prison where the workshop is being held. It is draped around and around and up and down the room. As you can see in the hotel photos below, thic chain was pretty long. 

During the weekend, it is explained to the prison residents that someone is praying for them 24/7 during the 3 1/2-day weekend and that each link represents someone praying for them in a 10-minute block.  They can actually walk up to the physical representation and they are awed by the prayers!

This time I made sure to take pictures of the chain before it was sent it into the prison so that those of you who signed up and prayed will have some idea of how the physical chain looked.

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