Monday, February 8, 2010

Godd Morning!

I have a club of ladies with the same first and last name on Face Book. This is a message I sent to them this morning:

Good morning beautiful Kathys!

I never learned to type correctly. My mother warned me when I was in high school but I was an ardent art student and wanted to take all the art courses I cold possibly take. Who knew with the advent of computers that I'd be typing for a living and advocating that my kids with visual impairments learn the keyboard!!!??

As I use two to four fingers I sometimes reverse letters in words or double the wrong pair of letters. I refer to it as my "finger dyslexia." For example, as I started writing to you this morning, as is a common mistake of mine, I typed "godd" rather than "good."

Thinking about it, beautiful Kathys, it is possibly another "God-incidence" for I not only wish you a good morning, I pray a "God Morning" for you today...and that is so GOOD!

Stay Blessed!
Kathy from Baton Rouge

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