Sunday, May 17, 2009

Manny's Request

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As you know, I volunteer for prison ministry. I meet people from all over. Manny sent this info to me. It's as he wrote it.

I promised Manny I'd get this information to as
many people as possible.

To All Concerned Parties,

Conditions in Texas prisons have been very bad for some time. With the
Cell phone situation coming to light in October 2008, the every-day life
Of death-row inmates has become unbearable. In a quiet manner, most
People knew of the cell phones in Texas prisons to include death-row.
Given the security measures in place, these cell phones could have gotten
Into the hands of inmates by only one route---that being via prison
Employees. The price range for this service was also common knowledge.
When the existence of these cell phones in the hands of Texas prison
Inmates became the subject for newspaper headlines and TV newscast
Commentary, the inmate began to pay a terrible price---whether that
Inmate had access to a cell phone or not. Abuse of prisoners rose to new
Levels that could be only described as atrocities. For those of us who
Have family or loved ones on death row or other prison units in the Texas
Prison system, the level of frustration has risen to mind-numbing levels.
This being especially so because there seems to be no oversight office or
Location through which these inmates and associated family members could
Attain relief. Many of us have longed for someone to become so concerned
With these human-rights violations that they would offer their services
To right some of these wrongs.

An attorney in Austin by the name of Mary Felps is that person. She has
Worked closely with another Texas attorney who is an every-day name to
Most Texans because of his courtroom activities and high-profile cases.
Even though retired, this attorney may take the task of working with Ms.
Felps in an attempt to put death-row conditions back to being bearable.
What is required are letters from family members and friends of death-row
Inmates describing these abuses, both physical and psychological, and
Other details relative to these abuses which might indicate time, date,
Supportive facts, etc. These letters need to be sent to Ms. Felps as
Soon as possible. If you should know any of these family members,
Friends or attorneys, please contact them with this information and
Encourage them to write very soon. Ms. Felps address is as follows;

Mary Felps
PO Box 49339
Austin, Tx 78765

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