Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Lotta Day Again

If you have been reading me you my remember that the phrase "A lotta day" was my nephew's two-year-old term for "I've been really busy today." My days have been full since school has been out. I have had plans to get my house cleaned and organized. It's not what I like so far but I know it will get there this summer.

ESS orientation for the Extended School Year program was the other day. I will have five students ages seven and eight. There will be two with autism and all either semi- or totally non-verbal. I called all the parents tonight and it looks like all five will be there Monday morning.

Fortunately I was able to go to the school and pick a classroom Thursday so I could start arranging and decorating for Monday. Then I ran by Greenville and picked up my poster box. I have made some posters to use for summer classes. I made a special calendar poster. I like to help the children keep track of the days of the week. With our children with multi-disabilities it is important for them to know what to expect from day to day as well as learning the days of the week and how to spell them.

My mother and I went to the vacation Bible school meeting. We are in charge of crafts but for the meeting we had to prepare a color coded sign and name tag system for getting the children on and off the buses from the different neighborhoods the church will be serving this summer. We spent the day getting the name tags made Thursday evening. There will be three neighborhoods where the church buses will pick up children. Each area will have its own color and a matching sign will be in the windows of the bus. At the end of the day the children will look for the colored tag in the buses to get on the right one for their neighborhood. We laminated over 200 name tags and bus signs after printing them out using my sister's computer.

Meanwhile she had my nephew's stay over for a few days and my youngest sister, their mother had forgotten little league practice gear for the youngest--the same little fellow who used to say "lotta day" when he was two years old. We drove up to her apratment and back and did some last-minute shopping to make sure we had all we needed for the vacation bible school project. We came up with some craft ideas but we still need to finalize some projects for some of the age groups. Then we will go shopping for some of the materials and supplies we'll need for the crafts projects.
Before I knew it the day was long spent and I was too. So my mother promised to come over to help me today.

Hunnee coached pitching for grandson's little league team today. By the time Hunnee came home he couldn't believe it was the same house! We were all atarving so he took us out for lunch at a Chinese buffet in town. N ot one of us is used to eating such a large meal in the middle of the day so we were quite worthless int he late afternoon. My mother went home to nap and I stepped into the shower, washed my hair and climbed into bed.

When I awoke this evening I checked the folders for my summer children and called each parent. That's when I noticed that the man who was supposed to call abot checking out my roof damage had called several times. I will have to get in touch as soon as possible Monday.

I was able to talk to each parent of summer kids, which is very unusual. Usually soemone is not home.Anyway, it looks like all of them will be there and not one is declining summer school. I worked on my letters and name writing cards this evening and my daughter printed them out for me. Tomorrow after church I will laminate them and any other signs I will need for Monday.

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