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Four Signs the IEP Is Working

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National Center for Learning Disabilities

November 7, 2012

LD News

Dear Kathy,
Whether you're just starting out on your child's LD journey or you've been at it for years, you know that your child needs extra support from the school in order to succeed.

Most parents are familiar with the IEP (Individualized Education Program), a "road map" tailored to each child receiving special education services. But if your child struggles in school and doesn't qualify for an IEP, there's an alternate route to consider: a Section 504 plan, backed by a civil rights law designed to give all students equal access to the general education curriculum.

Whichever formal plan is supporting your child's education, it should be reviewed and updated annually so it can grow and change with your child's needs.

The NCLD Team

P.S. Our videos on learning disabilities will inform and inspire you to. See the collection.

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What Is a 504 Plan?
And how can it help students with LD?

 Video 504 Plan

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Signs IEP Working
Developing the right Individualized Education Program for your child is only the beginning. Learn what signs indicate that it's playing out as it should and what to do if it falls short. Read on.
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A student's IEP must be reviewed and updated annually to ensure the child is getting support and services that meet her needs over time. Learn how to play an active role in the review process.
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  Video: LD Advocates
If your child doesn't qualify for special education, he may be eligible for a Section 504 plan. NCLD's public policy director and mother of a child with LD, explains how 504 plans work. (5:17)
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Should you pursue a 504 plan to help your child succeed in school? To decide, you'll need to know the criteria for 504 plans and the types of students who make the best candidates. Get the facts before you act.
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Dyslexia Myths and Treatment
Throughout her childhood, Jillian and her parents doggedly sought a diagnosis and treatment for her reading difficulties, to no avail. Read her story.
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Ford Scholarships
These NCLD scholarships offer financial assistance to two graduating seniors with documented LD who are pursuing post-secondary education. The deadline to apply is December 31.
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