Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've been MIA form this blog for a reason. It may not seem like a good reason but it is what it is: I did not work this summer--or I should say that I was not paid. I signed up to work for the exceptional students' summer program as I do each year. I even have a little box I keep for this. I was approved and received my confirmation email back in April. Due to budget cuts, the lady who is over the extended year program had to let me know on the day before school ended that I would not be hired.

At first I was a little depressed because I like being able to spend summers in a classroom. I also depend on the income to take up the slack over the summer. This year having gone through my husband's illness I was so afraid of getting behind on more bills. We did better than expected. God was looking out for us.

I'd decided that my little patio garden was going to get some attention this year. I have not been able to do it justice since my doctor told be not to be in the sun after chemo. This is the first year since I have been able to tolerate a little as I worked in the twilight of the early morning or late evening. I planted some calladiums and more elephant ears. I put pansies and daisies around one of the oak trees and I planted some food plants. The cherry bomb peppers were delicious in some spaghetti. I also have one cherry tomato plant and  red, green and yellow bell pepper plants.

I was the agape person for the Kairos Prison Ministry team back in June. It is always a blessing although it took more from me having to use a new hotel. It was a nice place but at the old hotel we had the use of a conference room and didn't have to go back and forth to a church fellowship hall during the day to do our jobs. besides that, the folks at the old hotel know what we do and become part of the ministry with us. The folks who planned for us to use the new hotel didn't understand that because they are usually inside the prison during the day so they have no idea what goes on while they are away during the day. Fortunately we had more ladies on his team so it didn't take as long for us to get our jobs done. We had time to see the sights and eat lunch at the Magnolia Inn Cafe.

The Louisiana Congressional Baptist Convention was hosted at our church and I've never been able to attend. Since I was not working during the day I was able to attend and enrolled in one of the classes. I drove my mother every day and we had a wonderful time!

Our home town in Arkansas has a reunion each year and we had a great time there. My mother rented a van and my sister and I took turns driving . We were even in the little parade! It was good to see family member and friends I had not seen in a while.

Later we went to a family reunion of my dad's side of the family in Chicago. We rode the train there which is always fun. My mother doesn't like to fly.

When I returned home my car blew up and my phone kinda-sorta went out. I was supposed to paint a group of murals at the middle school but when my phone decided it was going to allow messages the principal said the job would have to go up for bidding because the cost was up to $1000. I still need to call her. She probably thinks I'm nuts for not returning her call.

Meanwhile, for 4 or five weeks at least, my elbow has been giving me problems. I put off going to the doctor because of no income. Just yesterday I was able to go and the doctor says it's not arthritis this time, but tendonitis--probably from all of the moving and packing I had to do at the end of school. Then I had to move some of the boxes over the summer and go through my closets.

I feel blessed, though because not being able to work left me with some opportunities I would not have had if I'd been working. Then at the very end of the summer the VA contacted my husband with an increased disability decision. The Saturday before school started we went shopping for a used car for me and we found this cute Chevy HHR. I need that hatchback for hauling! Wouldn't you know, the first day of school I find out that I am reassigned to another school! The last school was moved which is why I had to pack up and take some stuff home and leave others to be moved to their new location. I received an email from the assistant principal there telling me I needed to come and get the boxes--although at the time I had no place to put them. I packed about 8 boxes in my HR before I was told I needed to move my car from the driveway. Then I thought, Why am I torturing myself with this bad arm? I will get a form for Aramark to move them all to the new school! If I should hurt myself and have to spend a day at the doctor and home this close to the beginning of school, I will feel so very overwhelmed with trying to play catchup!

So that is what I did--and I went to my new school to remind someone that I am on their rolls now and if someone could please find me a little space to unpack, I would be so grateful! It is not easy doing what I do and not having a spot to land. Last term with 14 schools, mountains of paper work and no spot, I was quite overwhelmed.

I'm praying for a good school year.

At any rate, I'm back to my blog--whatever that means.

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