Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Afghan Code Declares "Men are Fundamental, and Women are Secondary"

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Subject: Afghan Code Declares "Men are Fundamental, and Women are Secondary"

In Afghanistan, the hard won-progress of
women's rights that Afghan women have gained since the
fall of the Taliban is now in danger of being cast
away. President Hamid Karzai recently endorsed an
oppressive "code of conduct" that will ban Afghan women
from traveling without a male escort and from mingling
with men in public places. Worst of all, the code was
released with the official statement, "Men are
fundamental and women are secondary." Tell President
Karzai that women are NOT second-class citizens!

In addition, women are still given full right
to physically assault their spouse if it is for a
"Shariah-compliant reason."

Karzai is apparently willing to sacrifice the
rights and independence of half his citizens in order
to appease the extremist conservative forces.
Stop the disintegration of women's rights in
Afghanistan and tell President Karzai to retract his
endorsement of this extremist code!

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