Friday, June 17, 2011

Scenes from Our Summer Learning Luau

Each day we say the letter sounds. Each day  student does the class roll by posting photos of everyone present.

The boys made the rules. Everyone starts the day with four good guy checks. Next Monday they get their Good Guy Clothes Pins. Below is the list of Words of the Day

We write and read a daily journal. Then the boys author  sentence or two if they are able. Next week, those who can will do the whole journal on their own.

The Kindergarten boys are learning hour and half-hour time while the older boys have learned to tell time to the minute. They use this guide when looking at the real clock.
At Our Summer "Learning Luau" We Have Students of the Week

We Do the Calendar Every Day. Each Child Takes Turns Writing the Date

Daily Journal Writing Encouraged by Posting

The last photo is not shown but it has each student's summer objectives posted along with their photo to keep me, my para and my Foster Grandmom focused on them. I also have phone numbers posted by the children so they will know them and in case of emergencies during the summer. So far, our Learning Luau is great! Lots of work, but great!

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