Monday, May 9, 2011

Fwd: Winn Weekend

Greetings all!   We have been asked by the Winn administration to post postpone Winn #34 originally scheduled to start this Thursday.   Winn will be housing some of the Angola evacuees being moved due to the threat of flooding and the administration did not feel that they had the resources to accommodate these new residents and host a Kairos weekend.   Needless to say, this is a blow to the leader, Bobby Taylor,  who has invested a significant amount of time preparing the team for this work as well as the rest of the team and the residents that were scheduled to attend.  Please be in prayer for these individuals as they deal with this loss.   As of now, Angola's June weekend is still on the track, but that is certainly subject to change. 

God is in control of this situation and His timing is always perfect.  Unfortunately, in our mortal flesh, we sometime struggle with understanding His ways.   As we surrender to His will, let us all seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and join together to support each other as we walk through this part of our journey.  

I'm sure that Bobby would appreciate an email of encouragement (
I will keep you posted and this situation unfolds.

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