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Thanks Kendra. I'm passing it along in this reply.

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I need every ones help in raising money to bury and medical expenses for twin baby girls.  The babies are relatives of mine.  I am the cousin-in-law to the twins.  As some of you maybe aware about the incident that happen to the Herodias's twin girls, that was broadcast on news last week Friday.  For those of you that are not aware of the incident I will give a belief description.  Twin girls were in the care of their fathers when the he shook the babies on Thursday of last week.  One of the babies died and the other surviving twin is still fighting for her life.  Both babies suffered from shaken baby syndrome.  The babies both had subdural hematoma.  The surviving twin under went brain surgery on yesterday to stop the bleeding.

The family needs all the prayers and support from everyone.  The trust fund is setup in the twins' name.  The names of the babies are Kayla (surviving baby) and Kaylene Herodias (Herring).  The trust fund is setup at Neighbor's Credit Union.  You can go by any Neighbors bank that is closer to you and make a donation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please free to call Love Stevenson at (225) 405-1495 of Gail Davis Lodge at (225) 328-0754.  Gail is the great aunt to the twins'.

LoveDeshika P. Stevenson
Senior Clerical Specialist
Criminal/Traffic Division
233 St. Louis Street
(225) 389-8451

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