Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting Ready

Getting ready for church this morning.

Pastor invited us to be at his table for a banquet honoring a pastor at a sister church last night. Today I have to teach Sunday school class. I hope my co-teacher is there. We usually take over for each other when one has another duty later in the day so that we can take care of last minute matters concerning Children's Church.

I'm taking some music and craft activities for the lesson so I need to set up in another classroom. For regular Sunday school class we teach the seven and eight year-old children every Sunday morning. For Children's Church I teach four- and five-year-old children every two or three months. They are such fun, but I know I will need a good nap when I get home this evening.

I am curious as to why I have so many Chinese links to my blog. Can someone answer that?

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