Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Facebook Fanatic

At my brother and sister's suggestion, I opened a Face Book account. My brother lives in another state and posts his art work while my sister mostly keeps up with what Up With People alumnae are up to. They were gushing over how much fun they have chatting with each other and that I should be part of the fun.

Well, in this month I have found people I haven't seen in years, like classmates/schoolmates from high school, coworkers and former coworkers and students from my first teaching job from 33 years ago. There are also church family and Kairos family there as well as other members of my bio-family. So, in about one month I have almost 200 friends on my contact list.

For fun I looked up ow many people have the same first and last name as mine. Don't tell m you've never done this. Anyway, I sent a message to each lady saying how "loverly" her name is. Some of them replied and thought it was so cute. So a few of us started sending messages back and forth to each other. That's when I had a brainstorm or a brain fart, depending on how you view it. I started a club with our name for people with our name. It is so much fun. About seven of us share jokes, games and photos.

I means sometimes I have neglected my little blog here because I get so into it. I haven't even finished editing my snake story to post here.

Also I have been trying to shake the remnants of this cold I caught at the end of summer school and I still need to run over to my old school and my new school. I will have a little space at the same school where Mr. Hebrews 13 is in the same room where his class was. His class is moved to the inside of the main building. It's going to be hard getting this stuff and my house done for the start of school but I'm believe in on a good school year.

BTW, my check up and PET scan were all good! A friend of mine who also went through chemo said it took a year for his energy level to return to normal and he does body building. That makes me feel better about mine.

I know that I am not supposed to be in the direct sun but the heat is worse. I cannot do heat like I used to. I have wanted to do my yard as I do each summer so I have compromised with a little mini-garden next to my patio. I only work on it very early in the morning or after the sun goes down an for no more than an 30 minutes to an hour at a time. I have a couple of cucumber plants, a couple of squash, some peas and a tomato plant. I have some ornamentals--mini roses, a hydrangea and some potted plants--and a little fountain pool in the middle. I have one humming bird that comes to the feeder outside my kitchen window. It's been therapeutic.

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